´╗┐Life in the Victorian Era:

The Victorian Era was a fast-paced time of change and innovation. During this time however, social classes were just as prominent as everywhere else. The upper class lived lavish lifestyles, the middle class families were in a comfortable position, whereas the poor lived harsh, filthy lifestyles with hard work and little pay. The country itself grew rapidly. Queen Victoria, although a monarch, added some respect to the throne, and the people of England did not have a problem with her during her long reign as queen. Victorian government was well developed, it was one of the first constitutional monarchies in the world. It not only was efficient, but it kept peaceful order within all of it's governing lands. Girls' whole life was centered around the day of the wedding, and how to raise their families. Boys' lives were pretty much learning how to bring in the money to the family, getting a good job etc. Architecture, the Arts, Fashion, and everything else had changed during this period of time, thus altering peoples' lives in many ways.