Notable Events In The Victorian Era

Early Victorian Period
The Victorian era begins when Queen Victoria rises to power in 1837. The early Victorian period has seen many important events. Some of these events include the Depression of the 1840s(considered the most severe in the nineteenth century). The early Victorian period saw the rise of the factory and was an era of reform. During this time period, the first trains appear in London and steamships begin to make regular ventures between the U.K and the U.S. other important events in the early Victorian period include photography being invented and the Planet Neptune being discovered by Johann Galle in 1846. The early Victorian period ended in 1951 with the Great Exhibition of 1851.

Mid-Victorian Period
The Mid-Victorian period also had several important events included in it. The Mid-Victorian period began in 1852. During this period, Queen Victoria visited Paris which was an important gesture because it was the first time in about 400 years that an English ruler had visited France. Also during this period of time the process of forging steel was patented. Also the First practical battery was invented in 1859.


Late Victorian Period
The Late Victorian Period begins in 1867 and marked the end of the Victorian Era. In fact, some historians argue that the Victorian Era actually came to an end in 1880, about twenty years before the death of Queen Victoria. The Late Victorian Period is most notably a time of invention. Several of the famous inventions of this time period include the telephone, the phonograph, the first electric street light is introduced to London, the zeppelin begins its trial flights, and the element radium is discovered.


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